A Playlist of All the Best Original Song Oscar Winners Since 1934

Robert of the Radish
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February 24, 2013

Although Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress steal the show at the Oscars, music also plays a prominent role, with awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song up for grabs. At the 7th annual Academy Awards in 1934, the very first Oscar for Best Original Song in a motion picture was bestowed.

In the beginning, to win this award, all that was required was that the song appeared in a film the previous year. In 1941, the rule was tightened, and to be eligible the song had to be "original and written specifically for the film". Best Original Song is one of the few categories in which a film can be nominated multiple times, although starting in 2008 a new rule states that a film may only have two Best Original Song nominations.

This playlist features all songs, in chronological order, that have won the Best Original Song Oscar. It's fascinating to hear how music has changed over the years, and it's sure to bring back some wonderful memories of films that have had an impact on our lives.

So what are we going to add to this list tonight?

A Playlist of All the Best Original Song Oscar Winners Since 1934

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