Pitchfork’s Best New Music

Robert of the Radish
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Old media is dead.

This has been the rallying cry of the digerati for at least a decade. And while in reality, old media is not quite dead yet, it is on life support. This is also true for music journalism.

The old guard, like Rolling Stone magazine, has struggled to stay relevant by creating an online presence, and transforming into more of a pop culture and political magazine than a music magazine. In its place we have seen new, music-centric, digital media fill the gap. If I had to pick the preeminent music site on the web today, I would have to go with Pitchfork Media.

While I may not always agree with individual reviews at Pitchfork, they are laser-focused on music, and nothing else. And they have kept their integrity intact by exposing great music, as opposed to the regurgitating the pop flavor of the week, or expanding into areas beyond their field of expertise.

This playlist takes a single track from albums that Pitchfork currently lists as the "Best New Music". While you will not like every track here, if you don't find something to love, you're not listening hard enough.

Pitchfork's Best New Music

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