Phillip Phillips Stays True To Himself In Lovely “Home” Music Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

With reigning "American Idol" champ Phillip Phillips's coronation single, "Home," recently certified gold and back at number one on the iTunes charts thanks to some prominent placement in NBC's Olympics coverage, the release of the song's official music video could not be better timed. It also couldn't be better suited to Phillip's casual, unpretentious persona, as it features a couple of lovable dogs, some grainy road-trip footage, plenty of P-Squared jamming, and even his real-life girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell.

"It's like a documentary-type thing," Phillip recently said of the beautifully shot, sepia-toned video, which was filmed on the road during this summer's Idols Live Tour and is refreshingly free of seizure-inducing quick-edits, hoochie dancers, and other modern-day MTV clichés. "I didn't do any acting, no makeup, nothing with the hair, and I wore my own clothes."

Phillip also wore a lot of gray clothes, specifically, which indicates that Tommy Hilfiger was thankfully not involved in the shoot in any way. Check out P-Squared's lovely music-video debut below:

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