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Phillip Phillips Debuts New “Gone, Gone, Gone” Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)
February 15, 2013

Reigning "American Idol" champ Phillip Phillips broke all sort of sales/airplay records and made "Idol" history with his triple-platinum single "Home," the most successful "Idol" coronation song of all time. "Home" shows no signs of slowing down--it's still charting at radio, and it's still soundtracking various TV commercials--but it looks like we'll soon have two P-Squared singles on the charts, now that Phillip has released the video for his similarly Mumfordian follow-up, "Gone, Gone, Gone."

Another rousing folk-rock anthem filled with stompy marching-band beats, chanty choruses, winsome guitars, and declarations of undying loyalty, "Gone, Gone, Gone" is arguably just as catchy as "Home," if not more so. "This is just a beautiful love song--but it's not cheesy," Phillip told Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks recently. "I really like how it plays out. It has a serious feel to it, like, 'I'll be at your side, no matter what.' But it doesn't have to be about a girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be about anyone that you love dearly--a family member or something."

Check out the Phillip's "Gone, Gone, Gone" video above!

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