Paws Up! Cee Lo’s Cat Purrfect Makes Her Musical Debut

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Sorry, Christina Aguilera: I don't mean to sound catty, but we all know the real star of "The Voice" is Cee Lo Green's beautiful rented cat, Purrfect (the only verified cat on Twitter). So we all knew it was just a matter of time before Purrfect sank her claws into the music business herself. Today, the white Persian wonder dropped her new single, which is really an old familiar jingle: A remix of the resurrected Meow Mix theme song.


The remix is available on starting today, all for a good cause: For each download of the song, one pound of Meow Mix kibble will be donated to Pets Are Wonderful Support, Los Angeles (PAWS/LA), a charity for pets in need. The goal is to donate up to 12,000 pounds of cat food--enough to feed all of PAWS/LA's kitties for one year. Aw, that Purrfect sure is a softy.

"Purrfect was thrilled to hear about this new deal with Meow Mix cat food," said Cee Lo in a press release, presumably with a straight face, on behalf his beloved jingle-cat. "That sultry purr of hers is perfect for a modernized remix of the iconic Meow Mix jingle. Watch out, cats!"

Let's hope Purrfect will get a chance to perform this meow-remix on next week's "Voice" finale. After years of nasty reality judges accusing tone-deaf contestants of sounding like wild cats, it'd be nice to have a real kitty show 'em all how's it done.

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