Paul McCartney's Star-Studded "Queenie Eye" Video Keeps Depp and Moss Apart

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Only someone as legendary as Paul McCartney could bring former star-crossed lovers Johnny Depp and Kate Moss within a stone's throw of each other — sort of. Macca's latest video, "Queenie Eye," debuted on Thursday to much fanfare due to a bevy of A-list cameos that included Kate and Johnny, along with Meryl Streep, Tom Ford, Sean Penn, Chris Pine, Lily Cole, and many more.

Shot in Abbey Road Studios no less, a Birkenstock-ed Sir Paul sits down at the grand piano for the upbeat, classically McCartney song as his fabulously famous friends pop up around him, culminating in a full-on dance party. Even dapper designer Ford's awkward head bobbing couldn't bring it down.

But it was the promise of a Kate Moss-Johnny Depp reunion that had every celeb-obsessed fan waiting for the video. The ridiculously good-looking former couple hasn't shared the screen since their breakup in 1998 after an intense and very public four-year relationship. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, they two weren't even in the same room for the video.

The celebrity timeline for "Queenie Eye" begins with Depp appearing first, and Moss towards the end. Although the video could've been edited so the pair at least seemingly appeared near each other, they were instead kept as far apart as realistically possible.

Depp is seen sitting on the floor at the very end of McCartney's piano, where he hypothetically stays for the duration of the video. But by the time Moss's cameo comes, the dancing crowd covers Depp's location. Plus, for a split second you can see Depp's spot is filled by an extra with similar hair (but parted on the other side) and pose as Depp, but in a different outfit, Depp had a white vest, the extra is in all black.

So we're sad to report to hopeful Gen X-ers that the erstwhile king and queen of '90s celebrity coupledom probably never crossed paths at Abbey Road. We contacted Macca's camp to confirm if this is true, but have yet to hear back. McCartney may be a legend, but in this case even he may not have been able to intercept the slings and arrows of former love.

What do you think of Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye" video? Can you identify more celebrity cameos? Leave your comments below!

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