Paul McCartney Plays Surprise Bonnaroo Soundcheck for 300 Lucky Fans

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance (NEW)

Paul McCartney isn't officially scheduled to play Manchester, Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival until 9pm Friday night. But on Thursday, the first day of the fest, he delighted a small gathering of lookie-loos and nearby campers when he hit the darkened main stage for a surprise soundcheck.

Around 9pm Thursday, the revered Beatle and Bonnaroo headliner prepared for his Friday set with an unannounced, 30-minute run-through of such classics as "Let It Be," "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite," "Lady Madonna," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Eight Days a Week," and "Penny Lane," while the spectators who'd unwittingly stumbled upon a Macca mini-concert stared on in astonishment.

Sample tweets from elated fans included: "I just sobbed listening to @PaulMcCartney 's SOUNDCHECK imagine me tomorrow night"; "You know when a soundcheck isn't just a soundcheck...when it's @PaulMcCartney!"; "Watching Paul McCartney sound check, about to cry"; "Listening to Paul McCartney sound check is infinitely more important than anything else I had planned for tonight"; and "Oh man, @PaulMcCartney was amazing as expected. Oh, wait, only the sound check? ;) basically DOUBLE Paul?!?! I love #bonnaroo."

Music site The Bluegrass Sitch later tweeted: "Best show at @Bonnaroo so far?? PAUL MCCARTNEY'S SOUND CHECK."

Watch Yahoo! Music's Bonnaroo livestream, from Friday 2pm to Sunday 10:15pm CT, in the player below:

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