Party Girl Songs

Robert of the Radish
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Party girls don't have the best reputation. They arrive at the club like the run the place, always throwing caution to the wind. Their behavior has earned them a bad reputation, so why then, do they attract men like flies? I think the answer to the question is obvious, but let's look on the bright side. When a party girl arrives on the scene it's as if a big piece of meat was thrown into the aquarium at feeding time. All the sharks instantly move in for the kill. Those not on top of food chain get the benefit of being shark-free, but not only that, it's just plain entertaining to watch the circling sharks clumsily position themselves.

As you would expect, musicians have let their feelings known about the party girl. Some warn about falling into the lifestyle, while others celebrate it like so many circling sharks.

For this playlist I've decided not to select songs about specifically named party girls, but instead have chosen only songs with the words "party" and "girl" in the title.

Below is the resulting 16 track playlist.

Party Girl Songs

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