Paris Jackson Wants To Tattoo Dad’s Birthdate On Her Back

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Paris Jackson is determined to keep alive the legacy of her father, late King of Pop Michael Jackson. On Tuesday, the outspoken teen revealed her desire to get permanent body art in memory of her dad.

"I kinda want to get August XXIX tatted on my back," Paris wrote on Twitter Tuesday, one day after she posted an image of her bedroom wall that is covered with a massive collage of photos of the "Thriller" singer.

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Paris, who at age 14 is four years away from being old enough to legally get a tattoo without a guardian's consent, explained the rationale behind her dream tat. "lol y'all are trippin trying to tell me not to get the tat , when u guys don't even know what it means … it's my dads bday get over it lmao," she wrote on Twitter.

Paris' announcement has sparked a wealth of unsolicited advice from her followers who support and disagree with her idea. Many people believe that Paris' father would not be pleased.

"You will give your Dad gray hairs if you get a tat....remember he is watching you...he doesn't approve," wrote a Twitter user named MichaelTheSoul. mariaMJlover agreed, writing, "I hate 2 say that,I love u more than anyone,but that's not a good Idea.... a tat? there r many ways 2 show how much u <3 him..."

But there were just as many people who empathize with Paris. Twitter user poundaproblem said he relates to Paris. "I got a tat in memory of my grandpops. It helped with dealing with his death. Do it for YOU," he wrote.

Paris appears to be as obsessed with her iconic paternal figure as other girls her age are about Justin Bieber and One Direction.

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Though Paris' behavior seems extreme, it also feels natural for a child who lost a parent at such a young age. Her close connection to her father likely also explains why she was so angry a few weeks ago when she didn't speak to her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, for several days, prompting her to vent via Twitter.

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