Paris Jackson, Victim Of Cyber-Bullying

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Paris Jackson, daughter of late King Of Pop Michael Jackson, discussed being the victim of bullying during Sunday's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter."

"People have tried but it doesn't always work," the 14-year-old told Winfrey. Jackson said she has been confronted in person and online. "At school and some people try to cyber-bully me. They try to get to me with words," she said.

Jackson said it is unfortunate that she needs security to escort her everywhere she goes and that it makes her friends feel uncomfortable. "They think it's kinda creepy," she said.

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Jackson now understands, however, why her father required her and her brothers, Michael and Blanket, to wear masks when in public. "When we went out without him, we wouldn't be recognized and [would be able to] have a normal childhood."

Jackson said she is coping with her father's death which marks its three year anniversary on June 25. "I think I'm doing all right," she said.

Jackson said memories of the "Thriller" singer bring her comfort. "I just like to remember something I smile," she said.

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Jackson will star in the forthcoming adventure film, "Lundon's Bridge: And The Three Keys."

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