Has Paris Jackson Gone All ‘Miley’ On Us?

Wendy Geller
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Looks as if Miley Cyrus has really started something with that extreme, bleached-blond short haircut she debuted back in August. Everyone wants to try out "the Miley"--even, it seems, Michael Jackson's only daughter Paris.

The 14-year-old hinted that she was considering the idea of cutting her mane for a good cause, when she tweeted on Friday, "That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing...if i want to cut my hair and donate it i'd appreciate SOME support."

She followed up this statement with a photo of herself sporting what appeared to be an approximation of Cyrus's 'do. Okay, it's hard to make someone as stunning as Jackson look bad, but...let's just say the new look was a bit shocking.

However, not to panic. It has been confirmed that Jackson was merely playing a little joke. The new hairstyle was just a test run with a short wig. Although Jackson did tweet her support of Cyrus's haircut back when Cyrus initially cropped it--"I don't know why people keep hating miley's new cut...I love it!"--we'd still be surprised if she actually took the plunge and chopped her own long, brunette locks.

Jackson isn't the first celeb to pull one over on her audience in this manner. Tennis pro Maria Sharapova "debuted" a super-short cut on her Facebook account earlier this year to much fanfare, only to reveal a day later that it was a wig.


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