Paris Hilton Vs. Britney Spears: Who Teased It Better?

Stop The Presses!

Instagram was the platform of choice for Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to give followers a quick taste of what's in store for their upcoming music video releases. Spears's "Work B----" and Hilton's "Good Time" both involve blinged-out poolside romps over energetic clubby beats. The clips have plenty in common, but if there's only room for one diva on the dance floor throne, a question will forever stand: Which of the old party pals teased it better?

In this video snippet of "Good Time," Hilton writhes in a bed of water with Lil Wayne as her partner in crime. The party at Hilton and Weezy's crib is unlike anything we've seen before. A huge Transformer-like robot is busting moves all over the place. Sounds like a good time to us.

Spears's preview of her vid for "Work B----" also involves a pool party of sorts. This gathering takes place in some sort of glamorous desert, but Spears has brought along all the essentials, of course. Her vanity mirror (complete with a bottle of her own perfume), leather-clad backup dancers, and best metallic bikini are all present and accounted for. Let's just hope that bikini doesn't rust.