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So far this week, we've done playlists by bands named after lions and bands named after tigers. So in keeping with the big cat, band name theme, the panther was next in line. But let's face facts, although the panther is an extremely cool animal, it takes a back seat to the lion and the tiger. You may be able to make a valid argument on why the tiger should come first over the lion, but you simply can't make the same case for the panther. But third place is not a bad place to be, and the panther has its fair share of followers. The panther is a popular tattoo for those with high levels of testosterone, a mascot for NFL and NHL professional sports teams, and we can't forget about the Pink Panther comedy films and cartoons.

But what most people don't know about the name "panther" is that it's derived from the big cat genus Panthera, which includes the tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar.  So although most people think of a shiny black coat when they hear the word "panther",  black panthers are really just black jaguars, or black leopards.

For this playlist I've selected songs by 10 bands who use the word "panther" in their band name. The end result is admittedly mixed, but there are some real under-the-radar gems to be found here.

And isn't this the reason for such random playlists to begin with?

Are there any other "panther" bands I've missed?

Panther Bands

1. Just Like Tiger Woods - Steel Panther

2. Action - Vagina Panther

3. Don't Be A D*ck - Panthers

4. Be Yourself - Panther

5. Golden Vanity - Black Light Panthers

6. Go Fast And Go Some More - The D*Ck Panthers

7. Beige Blades- Panther Attack!

8. Pomade and Hand Grenades - The Luxurious Panthers

9. Your Mine - Black Panther

10. Mandrake - Panther God

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