Paloma Faith Is Ready for a Breakthrough With Freaky “Can’t Rely on You” Video

Craig Rosen
Yahoo Music

Rising British singer Paloma Faith has just released "Can't Rely on You," a new single and video that could possibly take her to the next level on the U.S.

Back home in the U.K., Faith is already a star, having racked up a top 10 single with "Picking Up Pieces" and a double-platinum-selling album in 2012 with Fall to Grace, which almost topped the U.K. album chart, when it peaked at No. 2.

Now Faith is back with "Can't Rely on You," which is intriguing both musically and visually. Here's why.

1. The song was written and produced by former N.E.R.D.-boy Pharrell Williams, who was also featured on two of the biggest hits of 2013 -- Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." The collaboration is the result of a chance meeting between the pair in May at the Met Ball at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Word is Williams was already a fan and approached Faith, singing her song "New York." He then grabbed her phone, typed in his digits, and told her he's "ready to work." Faith thought he may have been joking, so while the ball was still rolling, she texted Williams to see if he was serious. They later got together to record the track in Miami.

2. The track swings with a funky fresh groove, filled with references to classic soul, but doesn't sound dated. Top that with Faith's soul-shouter vocals and you've got a winner. And Christopher Walken fans seeking more cowbell, check out the breakdown at the 2:56 mark. You'll get your fill.

3. The video, directed by Paul Gore -- known for his work with John Legend, Amy Winehouse, and Snow Patrol -- is as visually stunning as Faith is. Put them together with the music and you have a knockout clip.

4. The clip mysteriously teases you with clues, but you're never quite sure what's going on. Is it a dream? Is it real? Is this a video-length remake of "Eyes Wide Shut"?

It begins with a French female voiceover (including subtitles) about moving on from the end of a relationship, and the fiery red-headed, lingerie-clad Faith in bed with a lover. From there, Gore takes us on a bizarro-world ride filled with images of milk baths, a topless Faith wearing a white mask, women in religious-looking gowns, a stunned mustachioed gent, a black horse, and a chauffeured-driven vintage Mercedes that becomes driverless when he bails, leaving Faith in the backseat to fend for herself. It ends with the French narrator returning to inform us that "This is just a beginning." You've been warned.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the track and the clip.

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