OutKast, Nirvana And Michael Jackson Albums Top Tito Lopez’s List

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Gulfport, Mississippi rapper Tito Lopez isn't one of those MCs fixated on rapping about watches, houses and cars. On his latest single "The Blues," he makes the point that his artistry is not validated by material possessions.

Lopez explained part of his music perspective when he recently visited the Yahoo! Music webisode series, The Aftermath, the best music discussion on the 'Net, to talk to Soren Baker and me about his favorite three albums of all time. Some might be surprised that his influences transcended hip-hop.

Here are Tito Lopez's Top 3 Albums:

Lopez says OutKast's "Aquemini" is "so space age, southern and funky. .. It feels like a spaceship flying over Atlanta."

Though MTV's Beevis & Butt Head got him into rock music, it was his mother who fostered his interest in Nirvana's "Nevermind." "My moms was in the military and got stationed in Seattle and Nirvana is from Seattle," Lopez said. "So she came back around that same time that I wanted to know what that song ("Smells Like Teen Spirit") was. She came back with that album."

When it comes to Michael Jackson, Lopez can't pick a favorite between the late King Of Pop's "Off The Wall" or "Thriller." "I actually like anything Michael Jackson does. He's one of my idols, actually," he said.

Video and editing: Robert Gardner

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