One Direction's Worst Week Ever? Their 5 Most Stressful Moments

Jeremy Blacklow
Yahoo Music

One Direction are on top of the world. With a hit new album on their hands, two of their catchiest singles ever dominating radio, and an upcoming 2014 world tour on the horizon, you'd think nothing could go wrong for the fearless quintet.

Au contraire!

It's actually been a rather stressful week for the 1Ders! That is, as stressful as things can get when you're the cutest darn boy band on the planet.

Here's a recap of five really tough things that happened to the "Midnight Memories" makers this past week.

1) Niall goes under the knife — Oh no! Niall's injury is worse than we all first thought! It was common knowledge that he blew out his knee back in December during rehearsals, but we didn't the extent of his injuries.

After pictures emerged in British newspaper The Sun of the blond babe hobbling around on crutches, he took to Twitter to take control of the rumor mill:

Privacy granted sir!

2) Liam weathers "Ledge-gate" — Liam Payne sure is growing up to be a fine-looking chap. The band's biggest heartthrob looks more and more like David Beckham every day ... but that doesn't mean he doesn't still make missteps now and then. Fans were in an uproar on Tuesday when pictures were posted on a friend's Twitter page of Liam balancing precariously on the edge of the balcony of his 34th floor London apartment.

The images were quickly deleted but not before causing near cardiac arrest for teenage girls everywhere. (no word on if Paul Rudd's OK yet or not) Liam was quick to address the incident on Twitter as well:

Liam, we're glad you're safe. Now, don't you ever scare us like that again!

3) William H. Macy disses the band — We understand that Bill Macy has a new season of "Shameless" to promote, but we don't understand how he could possibly stand by his comments this week that a recent One Direction concert he attended with his 13-year-old daughter Sophia was lousy. Macy, 63, appeared on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Thursday and explained that although he's a big fan, the recent show left a bad taste in his mouth.

"I've been in showbiz all my life, so, let me just say, those guys can sing. They are very talented," he began. "They couldn't put on a good show with a gun to their head."

He then proceeded to make fun of the band's choreography by demonstrating his best impression of the boys strutting around on stage.

"Harry (Styles) ate a sandwich while two of his guys were singing," he continued. "He ate a sandwich! He was on stage and he was eating. I mean, call me old-fashioned, but when I'm downstage singing my heart out, you better not eat a sandwich behind me." Adding, "They had on crappy jeans and a stupid T-shirt. And then they do a costume change in the middle of the show and then they come out in different crappy jeans and a stupid T-shirt."

He admitted that his daughter still loved the show, "And so did about 17,000 other kids."

"I'm going to pay hell for this," he admitted.

Uhhhh, yeah you are!

4) Zayn turns 21 … and gets a Hulk cake — OK, so admittedly, it's not necessarily a bad thing that Zayn had an amazing 21st birthday party last Sunday, in which is beautiful fiancée, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, had a cake shop make him Marvel-themed confections including a Hulk cake and Hulk and Wolverine cupcakes. OK, it's actually really sweet.

But as anyone knows, age 21 is the beginning of the end for any good boy bander. It's all downhill from here Zayn.

Oh, who are we kidding? Zayn's life is pretty much perfect and there's no way any logical person could categorize this as contributing towards being a part of the "worst week ever." We're just guessing that maybe ... somewhere deep down, Zayn secretly wishes it was still 2012.

5) Harry vs. Kris Jenner — As all good 1D fans know by now, Harry Styles is kinda probably totally dating Kardashian family member Kendall Jenner, which, in a weird way, means he could someday be related to Kanye West. Hypothetically. Kendall and Harry were seen having a good time skiing together two weekends ago at Mammoth Mountain in California. This week, the rumor mill is churning that their relationship was arranged initially and Kris Jenner is just trying to capitalize on One Direction's huge fame.

"To date one of the Jenner sisters, you have to meet up with Kris Jenner, and she must give her 100 percent blessing," a source told "She wants major success for Kylie and Kendall because they are the future of the Kardashian paychecks. And where most guys meet the parents of a girl they date eventually, it's normal protocol in the Kardashian household that anyone that is about to date them must provide something more than just compatibility emotionally. They need to be famous and in the current limelight. They must be a big deal to get the sisters the media they thrive on and that is why the Harry Styles was a set up at first."

This indeed sounds daunting! Of course, while we take this report with a hearty shake of salt, we don't put any of this past momager Kardashian. But at least Harry can rest easy knowing that Kendall isn't going to write a song about their relationship.

And thank goodness he's maintained his sense of humor throughout. On Tuesday, he posted this pic to Instagram in response to Justin Bieber's egg-throwing drama:

We love you, Harry!

As for Louis ... absolutely nothing interesting seems to have happened in Louis's life this past week.

But there's always next week!