One Direction’s Niall Horan ‘Kissed A Girl,’ And Now He Wants To Marry Her!

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It's a safe bet to say that the members of One Direction have had more than their share of attention from adorable teenage fans. However, at least one member of the pop band definitely has had his heart set a-flutter by an older woman.

That would be the group's Niall Horan, who kissed pop tart Katy Perry back at September's 2012 MTV Awards...and set a mutual flirt-fest in motion that's had remarkable longevity.

It all started when the pair shared an impromptu embrace at the awards show, where Perry impulsively smacked Horan right on the lips as he took the stage with his bandmates to accept the award for Best Pop Video. In a later interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Horan raved that Perry (9 years his senior) is "the sexiest woman I've ever kissed."

A dazzled Horan tweeted afterwards, "@katyperry looks like its official ... me and you," to which Perry joked back, "I'll be your Mrs. Robinson" — referring, of course, to the classic '60s flick The Graduate, in which a young man is seduced by a beautiful older woman.

Horan wasn't kidding around about the kiss being memorable. He was able to describe it in detail to Cosmo: "It was amazing and very purple — she had purple lipstick on," he recalled. "I don't think there will ever be anything cooler than kissing her...until I marry her, maybe."

Think he was kidding with the wedding-bell talk? Maybe not. On Nov. 1, the teen heartthrob raved on Twitter about a meetup with Perry in Tokyo, where he apparently popped the big question to the object of his affection. What did Perry do? Well...sounds like she wasn't opposed to the idea...


Okay, so she's probably just jokin' around, but a delighted Horan added a picture of the two on his Instagram account and later referred to her as "my lovely wife" on Twitter. LOL!

While it's unlikely that Perry really accepted Horan's offer, there's no doubt that the superstar has a soft spot herself for the lad. She famously championed him on the "X Factor" back in 2010 (pre-1D days), and just last month, referred to him as "pretty cute" when discussing her support for him on the reality show.