One Direction, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

You may have noticed that Framed is sort of the red-headed stepchild of the Y! Music blogs.

The other blogs offer you timely information.

Framed offers. . . well . . . supposedly funny captions to music videos.

The other blogs offer you informed opinion.

And Framed offers, um, funny captions.

The other blogs offer you deep insight into music and its history. Well, not O'Connor's, but the other ones do.

And Framed offers you captions.


It's all we've got. Bereft of writing skills or even an interest in music -- to tell you the truth, all's we really care about is baseball and goldfish -- we're in an interesting spot here. We get paid OK to do this, but, at times, we wonder: what in the world are we doing here?

We're pretty sure the other bloggers think this, too. Not about themselves; about us.

This week's video, "Live While We're Young" -- another great Vevo premiere! -- is courtesy of One Direction, the British quintet who've taken the world by storm. The song is actually a bit risqué, which you'll deduce after listening to the lyrics.

Personally, we congratulate the guys for their forthright attitude and single-handed attempt to drag the world into modernity. It won't work, but what the hell.

See you next week!

1 -- "Hey! What's our career in two years doing down there?"

2 -- "Whoa! Our career in two years is building a scaffold! This can't bode well!"

3 -- "Whaddaya say we write a song about our career in two years? You know, after we learn how to play these machines."

4 -- "Help! The river is actually a metaphor come alive for our career in two years!"

5 -- "Heck, let's hunt down and kill our career in two years! That'll show it!"

6 -- "Arrgh! Gummo, the famous Sentient Bubble, is cruelly siding with our career in two years!"

7 -- "It's true! We're but pawns in the hands of Gummo and our career in two years!"

8 -- "Perhaps if I enlist the help of our career in five years we can yet triumph!"

9 -- "Subtlety surely won't hurt our cause!"

10 -- "Ladies and gentlemen, fans, children... we implore you. Don't listen to our career in two years! It will get better!"

11 -- "Glurp!"

12 -- "I'm warning you, our career in two years! Don't bleep with One Direction!"