One Direction, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Framed, the blog that continues to make a difference to you and everyone you love. You'll be glad you looked in this week, as our featured stars are the great One Direction, the Simon Cowell-championed boy band from the

United Kingdom, with the video for their #1 hit, "What Makes You Beautiful."

The guys came together on the British X-Factor, which is just like the American show except without Lyndsey Parker. Originally, they tried to get in as individuals, in the "boys" category, but everybody just laughed. Then, Nicole Scherzinger suggested they team up in the "groups" category, and history was made.

Since then it's been nuthin' but merchandising and fan hysteria, as O.D. has taken the world by storm. Their debut album, What Makes You Beautiful, hit #1 all over the place, and One Direction has now hit the road to entertain their many, many fans all over the world. You're sure to cheer out loud that this beloved new band is now in the finest blog ever written!

Important blog note! There will be no Framed next week, as we're on vacation, in Florida, in the United States! They've got palm trees!

Have fun in our absence, and be back here again in two weeks for what promises to be the single greatest blog event in the history of not only the worldwide web, but the worldwide world itself!

1 — Jim the Bird continued to patrol the blog tirelessly, even though no one could remember why he was a funny idea in the first place.

2 — "Well, there it is, men. The long dreamt-of second phase of matter."

3 — "Real Ronson? You mean some of the readers are real?"

4 — "There is no wrong side of the road! That's why America's great!"

5 — "Check it out! All the other boy bands have been reduced to jetsam!"

6 — "No, no… I'm the smart one. He's either the sensitive one or the asthmatic one, I forget which."

7 — "Hey! I thought that was far away!"

8 — "But we have to decide merit by televised contests. There are no other options."

9 — "This one's 'down!' It's just gotta be!"

10 — "So is that 'west,' or is that one of the other ones?"

11 — "OK, guys, now pretend you're enjoying obscene, unearned wealth."

12 — "And I'm pretty sure that's 'aft.' Who's up for a shanty?"