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People are still trying to come to terms with the death of Adam Yauch, known as MCA in the highly influential rap act the Beastie Boys. It's always a tragedy when someone dies, but for a musician to die so young (47) and not due to self destructive acts is like a punch in the stomach from many. Adam was a Buddhist, husband, and father. Not the stereotype of a rock star you would expect to die young.

The Beastie Boys were not only highly influential, but critical components in bringing rap music to the masses. This is a band that was doing rap before most people even knew what it was. They never stopped, and their full body of work still holds up today. It's quite an accomplishment.

Cancer sucks ass.

The death of MCA had me thinking back to all those early rap songs that I discovered through a local college radio station. I remember clearly the first time I heard "Rhymin & Stealin". I was instantly pulled in, and I ran out to buy Licensed To Ill. I wore that album out.

This playlist includes a cover version of the Beasties' "Paul Revere" along with 9 other classic rap songs as redone by different artist.

Props to the pioneers.

Old Skool Rap Remakes

1. White Lines - Duran Duran

2. O.P.P. - Grasshopper Takeover

3. Rapper's Delight -  Keller Williams

4. Push It - The Diplomats

5. Rock Box - Trauma

6. Paul Revere - Silverleaf

7. Check Yo Self - ("The Message" remix) - Ice Cube

8. Boyz-N-The Hood - Dynamite Hack

9. Mama Said Knock You Out - Judge D

10. Fight The Power - Korn

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