Ola Ray Turns Zombie for Tribute Video to Michael Jackson

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Ola Ray released Friday "Remember," her tribute song and video to Michael Jackson.

Ray wrote, produced and directed the six-minute short inspired by Jackson’s “Thriller” in which she plays the female lead. The funk track is produced by Antione Miller, and the song is engineered by Steve Lott.

The concept is a dream sequence about Ray recalling filming the historic video with Jackson. Ray dreams that she goes to a theater to watch a movie that essentially turns out to be her remake of “Thriller.”

Ray models many of the scenes after the classic short. Students from Sheldon High School in Elk Grove in Sacramento, California portray zombies that slither and dance in woods. When Ray walks through the forest, she flashes to footage of her character in the 1983 version.

The song available on iTunes also has a hip hop dance breakdown that includes choreography similar to the Grammy-winning vid.

In the lyrics, Ray reflects on her time with Jackson. “Oh, I wish you were here tonight,” she sings. “’Cause in my mind I see you. In my dreams I miss you.”

She also expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to work with Jackson. “You were the king of pop, you know you rock,” she sings. “And I was your queen on the movie screen. I want to thank you for everything.”

Ray looks incredible, even exposing her throng in a few shots, and keeps up with the teenagers in the dance routines.

While Ray’s directorial debut is commendable, it’s not as polished as the big-budget major label videos. And though she won’t beat Beyoncé – or Rihanna – in a singing competition, time will tell whether the contemporary pop divas will look this good when they hit 50.

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