Ode To The Fez

Robert of the Radish
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When I can't decide what to listen to I usually put on some Steely Dan. They're a band that I never tire of, and their music works for me in almost any situation or mood. As I was listening to their compilation Show Biz Kids: The Steely Dan Story 1972 - 1980, up came the track "The Fez". It was a classic playlist moment, a spark that drives me to think of other songs with the same theme.

Well, I couldn't think of another fez song to save my life, and that pissed me off.  So I decided to find some.

In addition, I was not familiar with the history of the fez. So after doing some reading I discovered that the fez is of Ottoman origins, and it came into its own when Andalusian Arabs from the city of Fes, Morocco embraced it fully during the 17th century. The hat became an exotic symbol in the west, and it still turns heads today. Don't believe me? Put one on, walk around town and then come back and let me know how many comments you received.

Anyway, there were actually more songs with the word "Fez" in the title than I thought there would be, and the resulting playlist is actually much better than you would expect.

So if you own a fez, put it on and press play!

Ode To The Fez

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