Ode To Daffodils

Robert of the Radish
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Like many flowers, the daffodil is of great use to artists due to its strong symbolism. The daffodil is one of the first signs of spring that we see.  I've already said "hello" to the ones that live in my yard, as they've popped up with the arrival of  unusually warm weather.

Daffodils symbolize beauty, newness, rebirth, or new beginnings, and are also representative of the end of winter, warmth and prosperity. Receiving a bunch of daffodils is said to bring good fortune, but never give your lover a single flower as this traditionally means misfortune will befall the receiver.

Songwriters have taken to using the daffodil in song to represent many of these things, and for this playlist I've selected ten tracks that use the word "daffodil" in the song title.

What's your favorite "daffofil song" and what's your favorite "flower" song?

Ode To Daffodils

1. Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries

2. Seven Golden Daffodils - The Cherokees

3. daydreams with daffodils - YACHT

4. Daffodil - Yew

5. Seven Daffodils - Jonathan Edwards

6. Dancing With the Daffodils - Ian Anderson

7. Daffodils - The Aliens

8. Daffodil - Brian Copeland

9. Daffodil - The Spores

10. Huw Walks Among the Daffodils - Alfred Newman

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