Baby Girl Dies After Falling From The Window Of Seventh Floor Tower Block Flat

nreilly1.tumblr.comJuly 20, 2016

Passers-by in Birmingham were left horrified as they attempted to catch a toddler that was ‘hanging’ from the open window of a seventh floor flat, only to helplessly watch on in horror as the child fell to her death. 

The 18-month-old girl plummeted to her death from a ten-storey block in Birmingham, and it’s believed that the window may have been opened for fresh air as temperatures shot up during one of the hottest days of the year.

The girl’s father is believed to be 36-year-old Mohamed Habob, who moved to the UK from Sudan three years ago. He is said to be ‘shattered’ by his daughter’s death.

A family friend said: ‘Mohammed came to the UK three years ago from Sudan and his wife came about six months ago.

‘He runs a second-hand shop and his wife was a housewife. 

‘He rang me just after the tragedy happened to tell me. I couldn’t believe it. They are both in shock and are inconsolable. He is absolutely shattered and heartbroken.’

It’s believed that the parents moved into Ryland House in the Newtown area of Birmingham two months ago with their daughter - who has been named locally as Elean, and is thought to have been their only child.

Georgie Hockley, 14, witnessed the incident just before midday on Monday.

She said: ‘I saw a baby hanging out of the window,.

‘A crowd had gathered at the ground and they tried to catch her. Then she fell from the window. She landed with a massive thud. It makes me feel terrified and I’m still in shock.’

Another neighbour, who didn’t wish to be named, added: ‘It was horrific. I don’t know the family, but I saw the child fall. The mum was outside when it happened. I don’t know who else was in the flat with the child.

‘I offered CPR but it was too late. The child was dead on contact with the ground. The dad came speeding back and pulled up in a red car, he came racing out and he picked her up.’ 

Terence Brown, 45, said the incident was the ‘most heart-breaking scene I have ever seen in my life.’

‘Several of the police officers were in tears’, he added.