NS(ummer)FW: The 9 Most Risqué Videos of Summer 2013

Lyndsey Parker
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When you think of summertime, what comes to mind? Skin, soirees, and sexygoodtimes? Or sitting in front of your computer watching videos featuring skin, soirees, and sexygoodtimes?

If your answer's the latter, then you're in luck: You can avoid the damaging, premature-aging effects of natural sunlight and bask in the cathode glow of your computer screen, and just watch this collection of the most risqué videos of summer 2013.

Keep in mind that all of these videos, from Miley Cyrus's debauched pool party with a side of skull-fries to Robin Thicke's fleshy free-for-all with live models and livestock, are borderline NSFW. But hey, that's okay: You're on summer vacation, right? Watch in private and turn up the virtual summer heat.

9. Ke$ha – Crazy Kids
It's no surprise that Ke$ha made this cut. She's known for getting into Day-Go chainsaw battles with drag queens, slaying unicorns, and drinking her own urine, so any outrageous video list, of any season, would be likely to include her. And the hard-partying pop brat doesn't disappoint in her latest wild video, which features pinball, pitbulls, and plenty of bling.

8. Rihanna – Stay
Oh, just RiRi naked in a bathtub, no big whoop. This video would've been higher up on the list if not for the fact that she posts even racier stuff on her Instagram, like, every day.

7. Ciara – Body Party
In one of this video's later scenes, Ciara gives a private steamy striptease, seductively writhing in black lingerie for her real-life boyfriend, rapper Future. That Future sure is one lucky guy.

6. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – High School
Warning: Her Minajesty and Weezy getting busy in the bedroom is a sight you can't unsee. But come on…you know you wanna see it.

5. David Bowie – The Next Day
Gary Olman as a shady priest, Marion Cotillard as a prostitute with extra-bloody stigmata, David Bowie as a rock-star monk, and a lively cast of wantonly sinning nuns and clergymen. Gee, wonder why YouTube temporarily banned this? It's not like it's offensive or anything…

4. The Lonely Island – Spring Break Anthem
In this post-DOMA, post-Prop 8 era, there's a timely and heart-warming message behind this video. But there's still enough collegiate Cancun debauchery here to put "SNL's" rabble rousing rappers high up on the list.

3. Miley Cyrus – We Can't Stop
[Stefon-fron"SNL" voice] This video has everything…a skull made out of fries…dancing teddy bears…sliced-off prosthetic fingers that bleed Pepto Bismol…a man eating hundred-dollar-bill sandwiches…and Miley twerking, grabbing derrieres, and making out with mannequins. This is some serious partying in the USA!

2. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
We can't even show up the REAL, full-frontal version of this video, which was also banned from YouTube. (It's on Vevo if you still want to watch it…hey, where are you going?) That being said, the "censored" version, featuring the dancing models slightly more covered up in plastic bondage-wear, is still racy enough to clinch the second spot on this countdown. You know you want it.

1. Foals – Late Night
The cycle of life goes into full spin in this shocking but arty clip, as under the roof of a single dillapidated hotel building, a woman gives birth, a man hangs himself, and a naked couple does the deed. Foals are one of this summer preeminent festival bands, but it's a cruel summer for them indeed in this intense video.

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