The Not-So-Gleeful New ‘Glee Project’ Music Video “Hurts” So Good

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Last night on "The Glee Project," the contestants stumbled, sometimes literally, during their "Danceability" challenge. One of them, Taryn, actually quit within the first 10 minutes of the episode, because she missed home and couldn't handle the pressure of the competition. The remaining cast members were then left to awkwardly flounder through their "Party Rock Anthem" music video. The video wasn't nearly as atrocious as the judges declared (disgruntled judge/choreographer Zach Woodlee said this week's results would have to be decided according to "who sucked the least," which was overly harsh), but suffice to say, it was not the show's finest moment. However, the "Glee Project 2" contenders have already redeemed themselves, now that the music video from next week's "Vulnerability" challenge, as mentored by guest Cory Monteith, has been posted online.

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The clip is a total 180 from the goofy wedding-dance antics and spin-the-bottle makeout scenes from "Party Rock Anthem," as the cast members heartbreakingly battle school bullies while belting out R.E.M.'s classic weeper "Everybody Hurts." It's certain that the contestants (among them a plus-sized girl, a blind man, a conflicted Muslim, a transgender, a girl in a wheelchair, and an autistic boy) tapped into their real-life struggles while filming their raw performances. The result is the series' most emotionally stirring music video yet. It makes last season's "Mad World" look like...well, "Party Rock Anthem," kind of.

Crack open a CostCo-sized Kleenex box and watch "Everybody Hurts" below. There's not much actual glee to be had here, but this is truly must-see TV, and it proves that these kids are way better actors than they are dancers.

I only wish that Dani Shay--one of my favorite "TGP" contestants, who was sadly eliminated this week--had stayed on to participate in this one. On last night's upbeat episode, her chill attitude and indie-girl coffeehouse vibe were ultimately her downfall, but I have a feeling she could've won the "Vulnerability" challenge, if she'd just stuck around.

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