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With the exception of the Santa's village, the North Pole is quite a lonely place. It's a place where the ground is not earth, but 100% ice and snow - over 9 feet of it. The nearest inhabited land is over 500 miles away.  It's one of two points on the planet where all lines of longitude meet, so if you were going to set your GPS to get to the North Pole, you would simply enter 90°N --  any longitude will do. The North Pole is cold, with average temperatures around −29 °F, but it's not as cold as the South Pole where the average winter temperature is −72 °F. Yep, the North Pole is a veritable tropical vacation land in comparison to the South Pole.

Of course, everyone knows that the North Pole's association with Christmas has everything to do with Santa. And although the citizens of Norway, Greenland and other Northern countries claim that Santa is a resident of their nation, he actually lives at the North Pole. He, his wife and their elves are true citizens of the world since no country owns a claim on the North Pole.

So while Santa is in the midst of his busiest time of year, I put this playlist together in honor of his home.

North Pole Songs

1. North Pole Man - Over The Rhine

2. The North Pole - The Walkmen

3. North Pole - The Muffs

4. North Pole - Dance Hall Crashers

5. North Pole Cha-Cha - David Hoffman

6. North Pole Rock - Dickie Goodman

7. Shakin' At The North Pole - Johnny & The Roccos

8. Path To The North Pole - Arctic Queen

9. North Pole - Kein

10. The North Pole - The Flyers

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