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Robert of the Radish
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April Fools' Day is not an official holiday, but it's celebrated all over the world. The day is reserved as a time when it's socially acceptable for people to play all types of practical jokes on one another. Last year I was taken by a practical joke via social media when a friend posted an image of  his swollen arm asking if he should see a doctor. Of course, it was just a photo lifted from the web. I saw the same joke again this year and I wasn't fooled a second time.

This is one of the great things about April Fools' Day. You need to put some thought into your practical jokes if you want them to work. But enough people are often unaware that it's April 1st, so if your joke doesn't work on your first victim just keep trying.

I was pretty slack this year and did not play a single April Fools' Day joke, but I was inspired enough to build this playlist of songs with the title "Nobody's Fool".

So keep it safe for next year, and when someone tries to fool you, just click play.

Nobody'S Fool Songs

1. Nobody's Fool - Cinderella

2. Nobody's Fool - Avril Lavigne

3. Nobody's Fool - Poco

4. Nobody's Fool - Miranda Lambert

5. Nobody's Fool - Brad Paisley

6. Nobody's Fool - Kenny Loggins

7. Nobody's Fool - Chainsaw Dupont

8. Nobody's Fool -  The Oppressed

9. Nobody's Fool - Haircut 100

10. Ain't Nobody's Fool - Gwyn Ashton

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