No More “Walkersox”: Crystal Bowersox Splits From Husband Brian Walker

Lyndsey Parker
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In sad "American Idol" news, Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox has revealed, via People magazine, that she is splitting from her husband, fellow folk-rock musician Brian Walker.

"After two and a half years, we have decided to end our marriage," the couple told People in a statement Monday. "The friendship and love which brought us together remains strong, and we will continue to support each other in our careers and personal lives. We are hopeful that people will be respectful of our privacy as we face this emotional and challenging time for our family."

This news actually truly saddens me. The "Walkersox" love story inspired much of the lyrics of Crystal's excellent debut album, Farmer's Daughter (particularly the tracks "Speak Now," "Lonely Won't Come Around," "Kiss Ya," and "Mine All Mine"). Brian had musical credits on both that album and Crystal's recently released All That For This. The two seemed truly in sync, at least musically.

When Crystal and Brian got married in October 2010, it seemed like a whirlwind romance: After all, Crystal had only recently broken up with her previous boyfriend, Tony Kusian, during that year's "Idol" finale week. But soon Farmer's Daughter told the tale of the couple's unusual six-year, on/off courtship--basically a flirtatious, tension-filled friendship that turned romantic during the summer of 2010 and led to their hippie wedding at the Uncommon Ground Café in Chicago, where they had met six years earlier at an open mic night.

"Back before 'Idol,' we were both open-mic musicians," Crystal told Reality Rocks two months after her wedding, happily flaunting her handcrafted wedding ring. "We'd frequent the same place, and one week I'd go in with a new song that I'd written about him, and no one else in the room knew--but he knew! And then he'd get onstage and sing a song that he wrote for me. It was just love letter back and forth, for years. 'Mason' [a Crystal/Brian duet that later ended up on Farmer's Daughter] was one of those songs."

At that time, Crystal said: "I thought about my life now, and how 'lonely won't come around' anymore. I've got my husband, I've got my son, I have this amazing life that people out there have made possible for me...I'll never be lonely again." Earlier this year, when discussing her new album and current family life with Reality Rocks, she again had glowing things to say about Brian and their marriage, praising Brian for how he had become a loving father to her young son from a previous relationship.

It's saddening to hear about this setback in Crystal's personal life, but she is tough, and she will no doubt get through this (and get some great songs out of it, probably). And on the positive side, her professional life is going strong: All That For This, which features a duet with Jakob Dylan, has received rave reviews, and she's set to star as Patsy Cline on Broadway this summer.

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