Nicki Minaj Says There’s No Chance A Boy Will Win ‘Idol’ This Year

Lyndsey Parker
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It has been glaringly obvious throughout Season 12 that the "American Idol" powers-that-be want a girl to win this year, and so far things have been going according to plan, with the first two castoffs of the top 10 being male contestants: Paul Jolley and Curtis Finch Jr. Only three boys remain in the game--Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor, and Devin Velez--and Devin has already been in the bottom three for two weeks in row, so it seems like he may be the next to go.

So when judge Nicki Minaj participated in a press conference call Monday afternoon (phoning in almost a half-hour late, presumably because she got "stuck in traffic" again), naturally one intrepid reporter asked her if there was any chance that a boy could win "Idol" this year. Her answer, in her typically (some might say refreshingly) blunt manner? "NO."

When crickets-worthy silence echoed on the line following Nicki's one-syllable response, she elaborated, ever so slightly: "No. Absolutely not. Not a chance." And then the conference call abruptly ended, of course.

Okay, then. Thanks for clarifying, Nicki!

Nicki did show some support for this year's underdog boys: She revealed that she really wished that the Judges' Save had been used on Curtis, and said if she ever performed a duet with one of the Season 12 contestants, she'd want it to be with Burnell, because he has "that John Legend thing." But she made it very clear that this will indeed be a girls' season, predicting that the girl who'll win it all will either be Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, or Angie Miller.

Sorry, boys!

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