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Neo-Nazi At Punk Show Gets Drop-Kicked By Dropkick Murphys

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses! (NEW)
March 21, 2013

Massachusetts punk band the Dropkick Murphys lived up to their name last week in New York City, when a fan in the audience started doing something…well, kind of offensive, to say the least.

The band was slamming through a cover of AC/DC's "TNT," with the audience invited to jump up with them and sing along, when bassist/vocalist Ken Casey suddenly stopped short. He strode over to the side of the stage and apparently began to beat the heck out of a guy in the crowd.

What got Casey so upset? The fan was doing a Nazi salute in time to the music, something the Irish-American punkers don't approve of at their gigs.

After presumably taking care of business, Casey returned to the mic and made sure everyone knows the band's official stance: "Nazis are not f--king welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show." Ya hear?

So, to all the Nazis out there…stay away from Casey and his band, or you just might get drop-kicked for real. Here's a list of their tour dates for reference!

You can check out the action below.

Warning: This video contains strong language.