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I live smack dab in the heart of NASCAR country.

The new NASCAR Hall of Fame is just a 25 minute drive, and races are easily accessible. Ever since I moved to the Charlotte, NC area I've been promising myself that I would see a race. Well, it's 9 years later and I still haven't seen a single race. Sure, they have a reputation as being a drunken, redneck fests, but I still want to experience one, at least once in my life.

My home is not too far away from a red dirt track and on race nights we can hear the engines roaring.  Tonight is a race night. As I sat down to come up with a playlist I could hear the engines and I knew instantly that I must do a NASCAR playlist. Maybe tomorrow I will actually look at the race schedule and buy some tickets so I can experience NASCAR for myeslf. Even if I don't like it, something tells me my son will love every minute.

This playlist includes 10 songs that include the acronym NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) in the song title.

Are you a race fan? If so, what's your favorite NASCAR song?


1. NASCAR Party - Julie Roberts

2. I Love NASCAR - (with Toby Keith) - Cledus T. Judd

3. Dedicated NASCAR Fans - T. Graham Brown

4. NASCAR Time - Pat Boone

5. NASCAR Man - Junior

6. Nascar Women - Simple Southern Boys

7. NASCAR Driver - Prince Charming

8. I Love My Nascar Weekends - J-Henry

9. Nascar (Street Version) - F-5

10. NASCAR - Larry The Cable Guy

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