His Name is Prince and He Doesn’t Think Charlie Murphy is Funny

Craig Rosen
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Eddie Murphy's older brother Charlie may be best known for his killer Prince impersonations that were a staple on "Chappelle's Show" from 2004-2006. In one particular sketch, called "True Hollywood Story," Murphy portrayed the Purple One and himself in a "shirts against the blouses" pick-up basketball game.

Did you ever wonder what Prince thought of the gag? Apparently he wasn't a fan. Murphy and his pal Freez Luv recently appeared on the 97.9 The Box morning show in Houston and spoke about Prince's reaction when they caught his show at the Rio in Las Vegas. Murphy said when Prince spotted him, his reaction was simply "Pssssst!," before Freez Luv spilled the whole story.

"There was a long line to get in. When we finally got in, Prince was performing, and he was performing all around the whole interior of the club... And right as he came to the entrance we met up. Fate met us up. And he was just playing and when he saw Charlie [he stopped playing his guitar and] he went, 'Pssssst!!!!'"

After the rolls of laughter in the studio subsided, Charlie added, "I don't think he liked that sketch too much." But the shocker is that after the show, Prince reportedly hung out with Dave Chappelle, and he's really a baller. "He really can play," Murphy added. "Yo, man, it's not that shocking that a black man can play basketball."

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