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Ford has been in the news over the last few years because it was the only major American car company that didn't need a taxpayer bailout to get through the economic downturn. But Ford's also been in the news because it's been making great cars again. As an American, I was embarrassed by the cars we were putting out in the 80s and 90s.

Let's face it, Japan handed us our hat by making cars that were just better all the way around. But American cars are back!

Arguments about the which American car company is the best will continue for a long time now that they've survived what looked like a fatal misstep. But considering that Henry Ford started the whole thing, and revolutionized industry in the process, I will always throw my lot in with Ford. And of all the models that Ford has rolled out over the decades, none have become a bigger icon than the Mustang.

For this playlist I've selected ten songs that sing the praises of the Ford Mustang -- a car that you will find woven through the fabric of American culture.

What's your favorite Mustang song?

Mustang Songs

1. My Mustang Ford - Chuck Berry

2. Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett

3. Wild Wild Mustang - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones

4. Mustang Ford - T. Rex

5. Go Mustang -  The Neanderthals

6. 65 Mustang - Five for Fighting

7. Black Sunshine - White Zombie

8. Ford Mustang -  Tim Workman

9. Mustang Burn - Jack Ingram

10. Rollin' In My 5.0 - Vanilla Ice

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