‘All The Right Moves’ Exclusive: Travis Wall Justifies His Love For Madonna

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"All The Right Moves"--the new Oxygen reality series that chronicles the dance-tastic adventures of  Season 2 "So You Think You Can Dance" runner-up Travis Wall and Season 1 "SYTYCD" winner Nick Lazzarini's newly launched dance company, Shaping Sound--is finally back this Tuesday with its second episode. And from the lusty looks of a sexclusive new clip from episode 2, it has been worth the wait.

This week's "ATRM" episode focuses on a daunting and daring challenge for any choreographer (even a choreographer as illustrious and Emmy-nominated as Travis, who has worked on routines for the VMAs, the Oscars, the New York City Ballet, "Dancing With The Stars," and of course "SYTYCD"). When the Shaping Sound company is approached to create a video submission for the one and only Madonna--yes, THAT Madonna--Travis and friends launch into sexy overdrive to come up with something seductively suitable for the blondely ambitious pop bombshell. The result? Two pulse-quickening minutes and 45 libido-stoking seconds of Erotica-era-inspired, leather-lingerie chair-dancing that is barely appropriate for prime time, but awesome nonetheless.

Yowsa. It's a good thing this scene is only airing on cable, and that it won't air until after 10pm. It's that hot. Maybe this show should be retitled "All The Night Moves"? Anyway, watch Shaping Sound's dancers--including "SYTYCD" Season 6 alum Channing Cooke--steam up the screen in the exclusive peep-show preview below, and watch the full "ATRM" episode on Oxygen this Tuesday night.

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