Move Over, Rebecca Black! Here’s…Gnesa

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Is YouTube wannabe Gnesa the new Rebecca Black? That's the question currently burning up the Interweb, but really, that's an insult to Rebecca. Hey, at least "Friday, Friday" was a catchier chorus than "la la la la laaaaahhhh," plus Rebecca's viral vid featured a rapper, a cast of cute kids, and polysyllabic lyrics that served as a handy preschool lesson about the days of the week. Really, Rebecca's "Friday" is like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" compared to "Wilder," the new low-budget/taste music video by supposed singer-songwriter Gnesa Agnes.

Besides, Rebecca Black was only 13 years old when she released "Friday," so maybe she was too young to know any better. That's not the case with the clearly grown-up Gnesa, who bears passing resemblance to "Jersey Shore" cast member Angelina Pivarnick but is even less talented.

Or, maybe, Gnesa is actually some sort of web-marketing genius. Sure, she may already be earning the title of "Worst Singer In History" from bloggers and basically anyone with functioning ears, but she apparently knows how to become an overnight sensation. Current reigning Internet meme Psy just may want to watch his back.

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