Motopony Traverses Pacific Northwest Soul Live At Yahoo!

Tiffany Lee
The New Now (NEW)

The Pacific Northwest is a breeding ground for some of the best indie-rock and folk music out these days. And Seattle-based band Motopony, named after Blue's 1984 Honda Trail 110 scooter, certainly helps reinforce that statement. Lead by frontman Daniel Blue's twangy vocals, Motopony fuses rock with soulful folk and blues to make a delectably woodsy sound for any indie palate.

Daniel actually didn't even pick up a guitar until age 27. For the few years previous, he had been a designer for his own line called Loyalty Clothing (had to dig it up!). Rounded out by guitarist Brantley Cady and drummer Forrest Mauvais, Motopany's full lineup came to fruition in 2009 with the final addition of multi-instrumentalist Buddy Ross (whose solo work includes hip-hop and electronic elements). Akin to Fleet Foxes and Band Of Horses in sound, Washington roots, and animal name, Motopony's unique arrangements and stunning use of electronic and atmospheric sound effects set them apart.

Displaying a gradient of facial hair from none to bushy, Motopony came by Yahoo! Music to play a few tracks off their debut album with the addition of guitarist Mike Notter. Watch them perform "Wait For Me," "King Of Diamond,s" and "Eurphoria" off their self-titled debut album, out now.

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