Morrissey Cancels Another Show–But He’s Not ‘Ducking’ Out, He’s Really Sick

Wendy Geller
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Morrissey is pulling out of another live appearance in the United States--but this time, it's not a protest over duck civil rights. The famed alterna-god has been forced to cancel his San Francisco show at the Regency Ballroom Saturday due to double pneumonia.

The singer's camp assured fans Tuesday that he's not in the hospital, but that he is indeed down with the condition and not in shape to perform. The show has been rescheduled for May 1, and according to a post on his Facebook page, all tickets from the original date will be honored.

Morrissey, 53, has been having quite a time lately with his North American tour, which started in 2012. When his mother fell ill in October, he postponed the tour indefinitely to be by her side. He picked back up in November, only to be felled in January by a bleeding ulcer which required hospitalization and more rescheduling of dates.

In February, he made headlines for refusing to play Jimmy Kimmel Live--citing a conflict of interest with Kimmell's other scheduled guests, the cast of A&E reality show Duck Dynasty. The longtime animal activist/vegetarian claimed he could not morally appear alongside them, as they manufacture duck-hunting products and therefore are "animal serial killers" in his eyes.