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When you ask someone who doesn't play board games if they would like to play a board game, 90% of the time their response will be, "What, Monopoly?"

If this happens to you, I would recommend that you immediately beat that person forcefully about the face, then explain to them that there are much better board games available today. European style games have created a new renaissance in board game design, even as we live in a digital world.

But there is no denying the incredible influence that Monopoly has had on multiple generations.

Monopoly can be traced back to 1903 when Lizzie Phillips invented a game called "The Landlord's Game". It was published in 1923, but in 1934 Parker Brothers released Monopoly, and it has since sold over 250 million copies.

That's a lot of games.

This playlist page homage to the board game Monopoly. And if you plan on playing a the game, you'll need a long playlist considering it can go on for hours.

What you you add to your Monopoly playlist?

Monopoly Songs

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