Monica Sings Whitney Houston’s ‘You Give Good Love’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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R&B singer Monica paid tribute to Whitney Houston Tuesday night during her set on Hot 93.7's Valentine's Day Love And Laughter concert in Hartford, Conn.

Wearing a Houston t-shirt, gold lamé jacket and headband, Monica said she wanted to quiz the audience on its knowledge of Houston's history before launching into an a cappella version of the late singer's 1985 song "You Give Good Love."

Monica's cover felt effortless as she blasted through the runs, hit all the notes, and added additional raw emotion that likely stems from her close, 15-plus year friendship with Houston. After paying homage, Monica grabbed a towel from the DJ's table and wiped her eyes.

Last week, while on the set of the video shoot for her new duet with Brandy, "It All Belongs To Me," Monica joked about Houston's sense of humor.

"I don't know if people really understood the fact that she was hilarious," Monica told E! "The other day, she came in and heard mine and Bran's song and she walks up to me and she goes, 'You killing that run at the end.' You know she just kept saying it, and like, 'You know I know you stole it from me, right?'"