Who is Missing From Danity Kane’s Video Music Awards Reunion?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Stop The Presses!

Reality show girl group Danity Kane is making a comeback, but without one of its original members.

Shannon Bex, Andrea Fimbres, Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richardw, who stared on three seasons of MTV's "Making The Band 3," arrived to the MTV Video Music Awards together Sunday night to announce their reunion. But fifth member D. Woods was not present or featured on their newly released promo picture.

Woods addressed her absence Sunday in a message posted on her Instagram page.

"There's alot of people talking, but there's nothing but love," she wrote. "Today's #GOLDMINEOFTHEDAY is none other than @Aubreyoday, @shannon_bex, @dawnrichard, @aundreafimbres1 otherwise known as @danitykane."

Woods added, "Don't think you know their whole story cuz you watched part of their journey on MTV. These ladies are just getting started. Stay tuned."

After addressing the Danity Kane reunion, Woods announced the release of "Goldmine," a solo effort.

The new Danity Kane revealed that they were prepping the release of a new song called "Rage" produced by The Stereotypes. They added that their "Making The Band" mentor Sean "Diddy" Combs would not be working with them on the new project.

"We're on our own this time," they said during a VMAs pre-show interview.

Bex, Fimbres, O'Day and Richard made news in May when they were photographed having lunch together in Los Angeles.

Though Richard said Woods had been invited to the meeting, Woods said she learned about the gathering online.

"I found out when my Twitter timeline went off the chain," she told Detroit radio station WGPR in May. "I was surprised myself, however, after seeing the pictures, after seeing the clips of the video, I saw that they were in Los Angeles and I am not in Los Angeles which is why I was not in the picture."

The group disbanded in 2008 after releasing two successful albums, their 2006 self-titled set and 2008's "Welcome To The Dollhouse."

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