Miranda Cosgrove ‘Cuts’ Her Teeth on Cat Stevens Cover

Marisa Okano
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Nickelodeon sweetheart and occasional songbird Miranda Cosgrove attended a Sheryl Crow concert not long ago and left inspired. Now she's expressing her enthusiasm for Sheryl's performance by recording a breezy acoustic version of "First Cut Is the Deepest," which Sheryl famously covered 10 years ago.

The sad breakup ballad, originally recorded in 1967 by P.P. Arnold, has been a favorite cover pick for years. Cat Stevens, who penned "First Cut," released his own version in 1967; Rod Stewart spun it his way in 1977; and Sheryl Crow's rendition hit the airwaves in 2003.

Now, Cosgrove has chosen the wistful song to showcase her solid vocal chops on YouTube. Her sweet, delicate tone is perfection when paired with lyrics written to heal young lovers from heartbreak. Press play below to hear Miranda's solid position in a long line of gorgeous "First Cut Is the Deepest" covers.