Miley Claims Feeling ‘Sicky’ After Lackluster ‘X Factor’ Performance

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Yahoo Music

Wrecking ball is right. After a performance on the "X Factor" that was lackluster at best, Miley Cyrus returned to Twitter to explain herself.

But she'd already laid the groundwork even before arriving on set. On Saturday, the songstress tweeted, "Sicky," along with an emoticon of a crying kitty. She followed this up just about 24 hours later with another post.

Even though she had shared news of being under the weather, people proved to be pretty unsympathetic to the 20-year-old star when she took to "X Factor" stage on Sunday to perform "Wrecking Ball." It's probably worth noting that she reportedly refused to prerecord her song, irritating the powers-that-be — who were concerned she would try something outlandish — before she even arrived. Unfortunately, Miley's gamble didn't seem to pay off. Fans and foes criticized the songstress for everything from her conservative outfit (a floor-length gold gown with a turban) to her props (some kind of weird sand dune thing) to her voice (which, we have to admit, didn't sound all that great).

For her part, Miley seems to be taking it all in stride … sort of. "Damned if you do damned if you don't," she posted after her performance. And in the wee hours the following morning, she tweeted, "Vocal rest" with four emoticons wearing masks over their mouths.

In other words, Miley is chalking up her poor showing to illness and nothing more, though her rep has not returned request for comment as to whether the singing break is the result of official doctor's orders or not.

Either way, this was a bit of a bump in the road for Miley, who will hopefully recover soon so that she can get back to the shocking, nearly naked performances we've all come to expect.