Miley’s Extreme Haircut Has Flavor Flav Confusing Her For Another iHeartRadio Festival Star

Tiffany Lee
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Miley Cyrus' recent extreme run-in with hair bleach and scissors has fans, fashionistas and most recently, Flavor Flav utterly confused. The two bumped into each other backstage at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas Friday night. With cameras rolling, Flav greeted her with an enthused "Gwen Stefani!!"


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Sharing a laugh, Cyrus brushed off the mistake--and didn't bother to correct Flav, even after sharing a chat, a photo and a hug. She must be used to the comparison to the No Doubt singer and also P!nk, who has an even more identical haircut. It wasn't until they parted ways that someone informed Flav to his surprise that she was not Stefani, but Miley Cyrus! But Flav immediately went back to Cyrus to apologize, and all was well in the world.

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Flavor Flav later was seen talking to the real Gwen Stefani as he watched Lil Wayne from the front row of the concert--let's hope he didn't call her Miley Cyrus!

But let's take a cue from Flavor Flav and take the opportunity to put out in the universe that perhaps Stefani and P!nk should invite Miley into their platinum blonde palace of awesomeness? Cyrus does sing after all, and c'mon, she's clearly worked hard on making the requirements!

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