Miley Cyrus’s Unique VMAs Hairstyle Draws Criticism, Comparisons

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

Just last week, Miley Cyrus made headlines for declaring she's, like, so over her short hair. So what's a girl to do when she's waiting for her mane to grow out — and she has a major awards show to attend?

In Cyrus's case, at least, the answer seems to be "make it look as weird as possible." Whether the Minnie Mouse-esque twin knots she sported on top of her head on the red carpet at 2013's Video Music Awards were a deliberate attempt to be edgy or simply a desperate move out of boredom, we have to hand it to Cyrus for at least not taking the easy way out (that would be hair extensions, natch).

Cyrus's 'do looked pretty bizarre not only from the front, but also from the back — showing off the shaved parts of her skull to perfection. Tres punk rock, no?

The Twittersphere didn't seem to admire the daring look so much, with comments ranging from amused to bemused. "Looks like [Japanese cartoon character] Pikachu," said one. Another noted, "Looks like a 3-year-old's hairdo."

Some got even more creative with their description of the style:

Music aficionados from a ways back will recall, however, that Gwen Stefani rocked a similar look at the 1998 MTV Music Awards.

The only major difference was the color; but Stefani also ran around quite often with hair knots in her typical blond shade throughout the early days of No Doubt.

So what do you think? Clever ripoff or bad idea overall? Will "hair nuggets" become the next big thing?

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards aired live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center on August 25. Cyrus's clip for "We Can't Stop" was nominated in the Best Pop, Female, and Song of the Summer categories.