Miley Cyrus's 'Adore You' Shows Who She Actually Adores: Herself

Wendy Geller
Yahoo Music

Warning: This video is not work-safe.

Just when you may have thought Miley Cyrus had climbed all the way up to the tip-top of Self-Indulgent Mountain (and planted a foam finger at the peak), the shock-popster has managed to set the bar even higher! Yes, it's true: Cyrus's new video for "Adore You," which leaked the day after Christmas, breaks all records in the Narcissists' Olympics.

The song itself contains selfless lyrics such as "When you say you love me/Know I love you more," which translates on a humorously ironic level when watching the clip —  it's pretty clear exactly who Cyrus loves here. 

If you yourself love her, you'll really love this video, since it's basically five straight minutes of a camera zooming in on her lips, chest, legs, doe-eyed expression, and various other body parts as she writhes around in a bed clad in nude-colored undies. She even adds a classic "wet" scene, taking a steamy bath in a crocheted knit sweater, with the lens again lovingly crawling all over her damp skin. 

An amusing exercise: Turn the sound down on the video and play the Divinyls' 1990 hit "I Touch Myself" as backing track instead. Works, right?

In the spirit of Christmas, however, we will admit that Cyrus, however gag-worthy her antics, looks remarkably good in this video. She's styled with minimal makeup, allowing her natural delicate beauty to shine through.

If she weren't so...well, dirty...we might even say she looks innocent and sweet. (Wait, wait. What are we saying?! Someone's been dipping into the champagne we were saving for New Year's Eve...)