Miley Cyrus Locks Lips With Katy Perry, Duets With Flaming Lips at L.A. Show

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo Music

The Los Angeles stop for Miley Cyrus's "Bangerz" tour was bound to be eventful no matter what. It did, after all, commence with Miley making a grand entrance via a slide shaped like her giant tongue, and concluded with her getting frisky with an Abe Lincoln lookalike during "Party in the USA." But thanks to a couple very special guests, Miley's concert at L.A.'s Staples Center took the USA-partying to a whole new Hollywood level.

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One of the highlights of Miley's Saturday concert was her performance of the loved-up ballad "Adore," during which she encouraged fans to make out for the jumbotron's kiss-cam ("with lots of tongue — as you can imagine, tongue is appreciated on this tour"). But the most remarkable caught-on-camera smooch undoubtedly took place between Miley and her fellow pop princess Katy Perry, who appeared totally stunned when Miley leaned into the front row for a big kiss.

"I just kissed a girl, and I liked it — a lot," Miley told the smartphone-wielding audience, as Katy giggled, later tweeting a photo of her adorably shocked reaction.

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Another memorable cameo came courtesy of an artist who may have lesser known to many of the spectators in the Staples crowd, but was clearly just as adored by Miley.

Midway through the show, Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of Oklahoma eccentrics the Flaming Lips joined Miley on her acoustic satellite stage — Wayne wearing a Santa-red suit, trailing a Mylar helium balloon that spelled out "F--- YEAH" in puffy silver letters, and seeming so loopy that Miley actually asked him if he was drunk. Miley explained to the somewhat bewildered audience, "These guys have inspired me to always be myself," admitting she was "so f---ing scared" to perform with her heroes.

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While Miley and Wayne's duet of the title track off the Lips' landmark 2002 album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" was not perfect — Wayne sheepishly admitted he'd "f---ed up" his own lyrics, despite Miley's attempts to help him through the number — that was quite all right, as Miley merely suggested that they perform the entire five-minute song all over again. "It's really an honor to sing with you tonight," Wayne told Miley, who bowed reverently in turn.

This wasn't the first time that Miley and Wayne had expressed their admiration for each other. Wayne sang Miley's praises in a December 2013 Rolling Stone interview, and last month, Miley tweeted birthday wishes to Wayne, calling him one of my favorite artists OF alllllll time."

Miley Cyrus's "Bangerz" tour resumes Monday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif.

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