Miley & Bieber ‘Twerk’ it Out on Lil Twist’s New Single

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses!

The word of the moment is "twerk." Miley Cyrus created all kinds of controversy doing it at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, and the word itself was recently added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Now there's even an official "Twerk" song, featuring twerkin'-gal-of-the-moment Miley and Justin Bieber.

The main artist on the cut is Bieber's pal, Lil know, the one that's gotten in trouble with the law for driving too fast in the Bieb's fancy cars.

The song, much like Miley and the Bieb themselves, is bound to be polarizing, with oldsters (except for Jon Voight's character on "Ray Donovan") likely dismissing it as obnoxious trash. However, the kids will be twerking along to it in no time. You can glimpse an early sample of the reaction in the comments under the clip on YouTube. One commenter proclaims, "This is officially the worst song ever," while another offers, "F*** YOU ALL! THE SONG IS SMASHING!"

Lyrically, the track offers such gems as Miley's adenoidal croon, "I came up in this party time to tweeerk," while the Bieb repeatedly drops his signature "swaggy" in the background.

If you think about it, "Twerk" actually follows in long-standing tradition of songs dedicated to specific dance crazes. From "The Twist" and "The Locomotion" to "The Hustle," and more recently, "The Harlem Shake" and "Gangham Style," some artists have managed to capture the cultural zeitgeist with songs that marry the music and dance of the moment.

It remains to be seen if "Twerk" will go on to achieve such iconic status, or if it'll be just a blip on the pop culture radar screen. What do you think?

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