Michael Jackson’s Dad Says Wade Robson is Getting Paid to Lie

Craig Rosen
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Let the conspiracy theories begin. Joe Jackson — not the '80s new wave star, but Michael Jackson's father — says that Wade Robson is getting paid to say Michael molested him, and that's why he's suing Jackson's estate.

TMZ caught up with the elder Jackson Wednesday at the airport and asked Joe about Robson. "Wade is lying because they're paying him to lie," Joe said.

Jackson, however, never makes it clear who is paying Robson to lie. At one point, TMZ's man on the street asks Joe if it's AEG Live!, the concert promoter that's being sued by the Jackson family for Micheal's wrongful death, but Joe never addresses that directly.

We're no legal experts, but we're hard pressed to understand how Robson's claim of molestation would help AEG fend off the Jacksons' wrongful death suit.

The dancer/choreographer filed suit against the Michael Jackson estate a few weeks ago, alleging that Jackson sexually abused him from the ages seven through 14.

In a interview on the "Today" show last week, Robson explained why he testified in Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial that Michael did not abuse him. Robson said, "I never forgot for one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

He also claimed he didn't file the lawsuit for money. "I've lived in silence and denial for 22 years and I can't spend another moment in that. In order to truly heal, I have to speak my truth and have to speak the whole truth…I'm never going to go away for money," he said.

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