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Metallica Becomes First Band to Play All 7 Continents in a Year (Yes, Even Antarctica!)

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Maximum Performance
December 10, 2013

If this story doesn't give you a shiver, we're not sure what will. Metallica set a truly worldly world record on Sunday by becoming the first band ever to perform concerts on all seven continents in one year.

The legendary band capped off its international sweep — and secured its place in history — with an unusual location: Antarctica.

As soon as setup began, the band members took to Twitter to share their excitement.

The show, appropriately called "Freeze 'Em All" (which was a spin on the rockers' debut album "Kill 'Em All") took place in a transparent dome that was packed with roughly 100 very excited fans, all of whom were either contest winners or research staff. Something tells us those Arctic researchers don't get to see heavy metal concerts all too often.

Metallica played a total of 10 songs, including iconic titles such as "Enter Sandman" and "Master of Puppets." It's probably worth noting, however, that the boys chose to omit "Trapped Under Ice."

Fans wore headphones throughout the concert, which the band likened to a "silent rave," in order to protect the environment. The dome itself, which reportedly was wired for sound with a generator and solar panels rather than amps or speakers, protected the crowd from the rough conditions and icy winds.

According to the group, the undertaking was a huge success. "This was the most unique show Metallica has ever done," the band posted on its official Facebook page. "The energy in the little dome was amazing! Words can not describe how happy everyone was."

And, frankly, no one looked happier than Lars Ulrich and crew.

While it's safe to say Metallica had already had its share of iconic milestones prior to this one, it also seems like this chilly concert has lit a fire in the band. Now the only question that remains is what will they do to top themselves in 2014? After all, Lady Gaga already called dibs on space.